S1 California roll Deluxe$12.88

S2 Crazy Chicken Roll$11.99

S3 Cajun Booty Roll (RAW)$12.99

S4 Fish Burned Roll (RAW)$12.99

S5 Green Drango Roll$11.88

S6 Mango Tango Roll$13.98

S7 Mexican Roll$10.88

S8 Monster Roll$10.98

S9 Off Da Chain Roll$15.99

S10 Rainbow Roll (RAW)$11.98

S11 Spicy Tuna Rainbow Roll (RAW)$14.95

S12 Shrimp Tempura Roll$10.55

C13 Coconut Shrimp Roll$10.95

S14 Grilled Salmon Roll$10.95

S15 Spider Roll$13.88

S16 Sunomono Roll (Kanisu) (5pcs)$9.95

S17 TL Roll$12.95

S18 TGIF Roll (RAW)$12.95

S19 Tempura J.B Roll$10.88

S20 Tuna Volcano Roll (RAW)$12.95

S21 Volcano Roll$11.88

S22 XXX HOO Roll (RAW)$13.95

S23 KC Roll (RAW)$10.95

S24 Dancing Eel Roll$11.95

S25 House Roll (RAW)$15.98

S26 Salmon Crunchy Roll$10.95

S27 SU R Roll$12.95

S28 Tuna Salmon Tempura Roll$11.95

S29 Fuji Roll$13.98

Steak (Hibachi or Teriyaki)$9.95

Shrimp (Hibachi or Teriyaki)$9.95

Chicken (Hibachi or Teriyaki)$8.95

Tempura Shrimp (5pcs)$8.95

Chicken Tenders$8.95

L1 Choice of 2 Rolls$12.95

L2 Sushi Lunch (RAW)$9.95

L3 Sashimi Lunch (RAW)$11.50

L4 Hibachi Shrimp$10.95

L5 Hibachi Steak$10.95

L6 Hibachi Chicken$9.95

L7 Hibachi Steak & Chicken$14.95

L8 Hibachi Steak & Shrimp$15.95

L9 Hibachi Shrimp & Chicken$13.95

L10 Hibachi Vegetable & Tofu$9.95

L11 Teriyaki Steak$10.95

L12 Teriyaki Shrimp$10.95

L13 Teriyaki Chicken$9.95

Sushi Rice

Brown Rice

White Rice





Steak & Shrimp

Steak & Chicken

Chicken & Shrimp

Steak, Shrimp & Chicken

K34 Pepper Steak with Onion$18.98

K35 Seafood Lover (Shrimp, Scallop & Calamari)$22.98

K36 Salt and Pepper Shrimp$17.95

K37 Sweet and Sour Chicken$12.95

K38 Honey Garlic Chicken$12.95

K39 Orange Chicken$12.95

K40 Thai Coconut Chicken & Shrimp$12.95

K26 Vegetable$11.98

K27 Beef$14.98

K28 Shrimp$14.98

K29 Chicken$12.98

K30 Seafood Combo$18.98

K21 Vegetable$8.98

K22 Beef$13.98

K23 Shrimp$13.98

K24 Chicken$11.98

K25 Combo (Steak, Shrimp & Chicken)$16.98

K5 Salmon (8oz)$18.98

K6 NY Steak (8oz)$17.98

K7 Shrimp (16pcs)$17.98

K8 Chicken (10oz)$15.98

K9 Scallop (8oz)$20.98

K10 Steak & Shrimp$19.98

K11 Steak & Chicken$18.98

K12 Shrimp & Chicken$17.98

K13 Steak & Scallops$21.95

K14 Shrimp & Scallops$19.95

K15 Filet Mignon$23.95

K17 Filet Mignon & Shrimp$22.95

K18 Filet Mignon & Scallops$23.95

Additional Favorites (4oz)

House New York Steak From Grill

K1 NY Steak (8oz)$16.98

K2 Chicken (10oz)$14.98

K3 Shrimp (16pcs)$16.98

K4 Salmon (8oz)$17.98

T1 Vegetable$10.95

T2 Chicken Tenders$11.95

T3 Shrimp$12.95

T4 Combo$15.95


Salmon / Tuna / Hamachi / Wahoo / Conch / Octopus (RAW)$2.75

Avocado / Krab Stick / Masago / Shrimp$2.25

S30 Sushi Combo (RAW)$16.95

S31 Sashimi Combo (RAW)$18.95

S32 Sushi and Sashimi Combo (RAW)$20.95

S33 Boat for 1 (RAW)$23.95

S34 Boat for 2 (RAW)$42.95

S35 Tsunami Boat (RAW)$65.95

C1 – California Hand Roll$4.88

C1 – California Roll$7.88

C2 – Eel Cucumber Hand Roll$5.88

C2 – Eel Cucumber Roll$9.88

C3 – Hamachi(Yellowtail) & Scallion Hand Roll$5.95

C3 – Hamachi(Yellowtail) & Scallion Roll$9.88

C4 – J.B. Hand Roll$4.88

C4 – J.B. Roll$8.98

C5 – Salmon Hand Roll$4.95

C5 – Salmon Roll$8.88

C6 – Tuna Hand Roll$4.95

C6 – Tuna Roll$8.88

C7 – Spicy Tuna Hand Roll$5.95

C7 – Spicy Tuna Roll$9.88

C8 – Vegetable Hand Roll$3.88

C8 – Vegetable Roll$6.88

C9 – Fried Salmon Skin Hand Roll$4.88

C9 – Fried Salmon Skin Roll$8.88

C10 – Shrimp Hand Roll$4.88

C10 – Shrimp Roll$7.88

Veg Spring Roll (2PCS)$2.95

Krab Rangoon (8PCS)$6.95

Gyoza (8PCS)$7.95

Krab Rangoon (4PCS) + Gyoza (4PCS)$7.95

Chicken Wings (6PCS)$8.88

Age Tofu (Fried)$5.95


Soft Shell Crab$8.88

Shrimp Tempura (6PCS)$8.88

Chicken Tempura$6.88

Vegetable Tempura$6.88

Sweet Potato Tempura (5PCS)$6.88

Sushi Appetizer (6PCS)$7.88

Sashimi Appetizer (6PCS)$10.88

Bottled Water$1.00

Spring Water$2.50

Canned Soda$1.50

tuna tataki$9.88

tuna yuki$9.88

tokyo tower$9.89

Special Sunomono$9.89

Spicy Tuna Taco$9.89

French fries$4.99

salt & pepper squid$8.88

Miso Soup (PT)$2.95

Miso Soup (QT)$4.95

Clear Soup (PT)$2.95

Clear Soup (QT)$4.95

Chicken Noodle Soup (PT)$3.95

Chicken Noodle Soup (QT)$6.95

Chicken Rice Soup (PT)$3.95

Chicken Rice Soup (QT)$6.95

Miso Soup Dumplings (PT)$4.95

Miso Soup Dumplings (QT)$8.95

Grilled Chicken Breast Salad$8.99

Spicy Combo Salad$9.99

Krab and Avocado Salad$7.88

Ahi Tuna Salad$7.99

Seaweed Salad$4.99

House Salad$3.99

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